We are always looking for curiosity-driven and dedicated scientists to join our group.

Our research interests include viruses, the arthropod virome, viral diseases, viral evolution, genomics, computational biology, and data visualization

Undergraduate research experiences

Freshman, sophomore or junior students typically start in the lab as volunteers. After a 2-3 month period in this capacity, opportunities are generally available for paid directed research or part-time research. Interested students are encouraged to get in touch ( MIP undergraduates should consider participating in the MIP Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program.

Graduate students

Graduate students in the MIP and CMB graduate programs can join the group. Interested students should get in touch ( Rotation students are welcome.

Postdoctoral researchers

We'd be happy to talk to potential postdocs about working in our lab. Please send a cover letter that includes the names and contacts for three references and a short statement of research interests, and a current CV to

DVM students and post-DVM Residents

Researchers with a clinical perspective are very welcome in the lab.

Technical Positions

These will be advertised periodically through the CSU Jobs site